What is Sundown Skies?

Sundown Skies is the best source for beautifully vibrant photoshop sky overlays. Making any sky swap in photoshop super easy! The largest variety of skies is available by collections or individually hand selected skies for true sunset, cloudy and overcast days, beautiful pastels, or a classic blue sky day. Over 200 beautiful sunrise, daytime and sunset skies have been captured and retouched to provide colorful sky replacements to the amateur or professional photographer. Turn an ordinary or blown out sky into something that will change the entire mood and impact of your image. It is super easy to learn! Check out our blog on how to swap a sky in photoshop and see the video as I edit on of our own. 

Any sky overlay purchased and downloaded can be fully customized by the adjustment tools available in photoshop. This helps to adjust the white balance to best fit your image. So don't take any sky overlay at face value, you can truly make these work for you and the style in which you love to edit your images. Check out the blog for more helpful tips and tricks on how to use sky overlays.

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